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Forensic Radiography Analysis

NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations defines spoliation as the “loss, destruction, or material alteration of an object or document that is evidence or potential evidence in a legal proceeding by one who has the responsibility for its preservation.” Our digital scan radiography technology is used in many of our investigations as is an integral tool for examining and analyzing activity without any physical destruction of the artifact.

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Microscopic Examination and Analysis

With many evidence items, the support for a failure and its cause lies just beyond the naked eye. Dolence Electric Technical Consultants, Inc. offers a full range of on-site and in-house microscopic examination and analysis.

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Quality Video Capabilities

In order to prevent issues of spoliation, complete and thorough documentation is mandatory with every case.

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Concealed Space Camera

With many forensic investigations, there are areas which cannot be easily visually inspected due to size limitations.

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