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Fire Origin and Cause Investigation

The proper determination of a fire’s origin and cause is fundamental to our company. Because every fire and explosion is unique and different in some way, it is imperative that a fire investigator possess the education, training, experience, and understanding to successfully and accurately render opinions as to the origin and cause of a fire.

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Electrical Examination and Analysis

Our team at Dolence Electric Technical Consultants, Inc. specializes in electrical related investigations. We have extensive experience and expertise in electrical fire origin and cause determination, electrical injuries and deaths, electrical equipment, component, product, and appliance failures, National Electric Code (NEC) interpretation and compliance, and lightning effects and damage.

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Technical Examination and Analysis

Dolence Electric Technical Consultants, Inc. offers a full range of technical evidence handling, processing, examination, analysis, and evaluation capabilities. We are able to retrieve, handle, and transport evidence items to our laboratory facility for comprehensive testing and analysis.

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Testing and Experimentation

An important part of any forensic investigation is developing a hypothesis and conclusions based upon the physical evidence, facts, or information of the case that can withstand serious challenge.

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Case Review and Analysis

With many forensic investigations, a new and unbiased perspective is needed to evaluate the hypothesis and conclusions reached by another investigator and the methodology by which the hypothesis and conclusions were made.

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Training and Instructional Classes

Our team at Dolence Electric Technical Consultants, Inc. has conducted and spoken at well over 425 schools, seminars, training programs, and classes in Ohio and throughout the United States on the subject of electricity and the technical aspects of the investigation of the origin and cause of fire and explosive technologies.

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