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Forensic Radiography Analysis

NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations defines spoliation as the “loss, destruction, or material alteration of an object or document that is evidence or potential evidence in a legal proceeding by one who has the responsibility for its preservation.” Forensic radiography analysis or x-ray analysis is a vital nondestructive tool in the examination and analysis of evidence items while preserving the integrity of evidence items for examination and analysis by other involved parties at a later date. Dolence Electric Technical Consultants, Inc. is state licensed by the Ohio Health Department and offers positive image x-ray capabilities. From the position of contacts or the orientation of a valve to the identification of parts or devices to the integrity of wiring or components, we have a full range of positive image x-ray capabilities to aid in the identification of a failure and its cause. We also provide positive electronic imaging which can be easily transmitted via email, fax, or other electronic media.

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